Thursday, February 14, 2013

I don't need marble halls, I only need you ~ Anne Shirley

This makes me laugh every time.

I haven't ever been a big fan of Valentine's Day.

I haven't had a real Valentine for most of them (apart from the kid that is).

I think that Valentine's Day can be such a let down because the notion of Romance has been so very, very damaged by unrealistic expectations perpetuated by Retailers, Hollywood, and, yes, even (dare I say it?) Books.

Retailers show commercials involving diamonds, cars and other expensive items because the more the gift costs the more you love someone, right?

Hollywood is all about the "Grand Gesture". Staging the scene. Declaring your love across a crowded subway station (shout out to Crocodile Dundee). Stopping the plane so your love doesn't leave you. Although nowadays I wouldn't recommend running through an airport shouting "Stop the plane!" Unless, of course, being tackled and having a full body search is the most action you can get on Valentine's Day. Then, go to it. Just not when I have a flight.

And my beloved Books, they started it all. The heroes and heroines. The plundering and ravishing. The rakishly handsome men causing heaving bosoms. You get the idea.

The most Romantic times I have ever had have been quiet times. In the car looking over and seeing Him smile at me. When washing dishes, Him coming and putting his arms around me and kissing my neck. Just laying together talking and laughing.

I hope that today (and everyday) everyone can remember that it's the time you spend with someone and the little everyday things that show a person how much you love them.

Although, a nice, shiny diamond couldn't hurt. I'm just sayin'.