Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the night before Christmas......

When all through the house
Not a present was wrapped, not even a blouse.
No stockings were hung, no chimney was there.
Just an old radiator, grey, cold, and bare.
The Child was refusing to go to bed,
He was giving his mother an ache in the head.
She wanted nothing more than to start to wrap,
So that before morning she could get a nap.
The Boy just kept rambling, much like a hatter,
Mom's very last nerve was starting to shatter.
She considered adding NyQuil to his drink, just a splash,
In the hopes that in bed he soon would crash.
The forecast was dry, not calling for snows.
Mom thought, "Well, jeez, this really blows."
Soon Santa on the firetruck would be drawing near,
For that, it was good that the sky was all clear.
To Sister 4's house they drove kind of quickly,
Mom commented on how others drive dick-ly.
She contented herself by calling them names
Like "Poop-face" and "Jerk-wad" and "Big doo-doo brains".
She was hoping to find dinner with every fixin'
But none was there so said she, with very good diction
"Before coming next time, I will be sure to call,
To make certain that dinner is ready, ya'll".
"Is it too much to ask for one piece of pie?"
Heaved Mom with a very sad, very dramatic sigh.
"This Christmas is turning decidedly blue
But on the bright side, at least, nobody has flu."
"Did you hear that Sister 5's babe has a new tooth?"
Asked Sister 4 as she poured the gin and vermouth.
"She sure is a cutie, her sweetness abounds
But when she starts crying you don't want to be around"
They all talked until the talk was ca put
Glad that they didn't get off on the wrong foot.
Soon it was time for them to get back
So the Boy could finally, at last, hit the sack.
He went right to bed and had dreams visionary
Of a big man in a red suit who was very hairy.
He had a bright smile and a large potbelly
From spending too much time in line at the deli.
Mom said, "At last a moment to myself."
Then she reached up and pulled off the shelf
A movie to help her relax in her head
Before finishing the wrapping and going to bed.
With the movie on, she finally got down to work
While watching an the elf from the Wood of Mirk.
She wrapped toys, and movies, and even some clothes
Using bags, and boxes, and ribbons, and bows.
All would be ready to be placed under the tree artificial
For the day celebrating the guy in Paul's epistle.
Mom would get to bed just before first light
After wishing Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween/All Saints Day to all and to all a good fright.

I found link on The Bloggess and tried to make my freaky photo. Turned out pretty cool. You should try it.

It's me!

Also, Hurricane Sandy blew through but I am one of the lucky few people I know that actually kept electricity the whole time. There are still trees and power lines down all throughout the area though. So, to everyone who drives: when a stop light is not working, IT BECOMES A 4 WAY STOP, PEOPLE. Just in case anyone needed a reminder. Because I think my eyes might actually have actually looked like the above photo by the time I got home today as a result of other people's careless driving. It makes me angry and you don't want to see me angry. . . . .

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I got run over by a deer, a regular one, not a reindeer.

Yeah. I guess there is a first time for everything and this was the first time wildlife tried to run me off the road. It was very early this morning and out of nowhere a doe, a deer -- a female deer, ran into the driver's side of the front of my car.

See the clump of fur?

She must have been cutting through people's backyards. The person in the opposite lane managed to stop in time but even though I hit my brakes she rammed right into me. Then she bounced off back into the other lane. I am thankful that the guy behind me was able to stop before hitting me too. I vaguely recall hearing his tires screeching. I had to move forward a-ways to have room to pull over and gather myself and check out the damage. I feel nauseous every time I think about the poor deer. When I was able to drive back by "the scene" she was nowhere to be found so either someone absconded with the body or she was able to get herself off the road.

Once a squirrel tried to end it all under my tires and I felt bad enough about that. But that was nothing compared to this. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I hear it helps to talk it out.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Well begun is half done"

I have started construction on my Etsy shop. It is also called "TheCraftiestSMurf". Now I just need to take better photos of my blankets to upload there. 

I finished 8 more blankets over the past 12 days. Here they are:

(You can see why I need better photos)
I've used up most of the sides that I premade on these blankets so now I get to match fabrics again. That's my favorite part! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

“It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish, as my old gaffer used to say"

This is my first blog post, ever.
 Believe me, I am as surprised as you are.
My intention is to primarily use this blog for posting about blankets that I have made. Each is a one of a kind creation. I use various fabrics (cotton, sunggle flannel, courderoy, ultra soft, etc.). I mix and match patterns but try to keep to a color scheme. I'll most likely be starting an Etsy shop in the near future in case anyone would like to purchase a blanket. I will post here when it is up and running. In the mean time, if anyone would like to place a special order, that can be arranged. But for now I am not making blankets bigger than twin size. Most of mine are "crib size", which means they will fit a toddler bed (they also work great as lap blankets).
So, while I expect to use this more for showing off my blankets, I'll probably post random snippets of life or rants or whatever I feel like that day becauses it's MY blog! Sorry, got a little excited.
I have been thinking about doing this for a while and finally got up the gumption to do it. Procrastination at it's finest. Well, here goes...........